How to add a liquidity

Zebra V2 allows you to concentrate your liquidity position within a custom price range.

To add liquidity on Zebra V2:

1. Open the Zebra web app. Next, select “Pools” to open the Pools page.

2. Select “New position”.

3. Select the token drop-down.

4. Select the token you want to add liquidity for.

Note: When adding liquidity, you can select any pair of ERC-20 tokens.

Consider the Total Value Locked (TVL), trading volume, and token price when selecting tokens. The Zebra info provides this information for existing pools.

5. After selecting the first token, now select the second token. Select the token drop-down.

6. Select the second token you want to add liquidity for.

7. Select the fee tier for your pool. Each pair of tokens offers 3 fee tiers: 0.01%, 0.05%, 0.3%.

A liquidity pool may or may not exist at the fee tier selected. If the pool already exists, then your liquidity position will be added to the pool.

If the pool does not exist, your liquidity position will create a new pool at the fee tier selected.

8. Set the Price Range in which to provide liquidity.

You can enter a specific range, or provide liquidity for the full price range.

If the price moves out of your set range, then your liquidity position will be concentrated into one of the two assets and not earn fees.

Note: Your price will round to the nearest tick. Learn more about price rounding here.

9. Enter the amount of tokens you want to deposit into the liquidity pool, or select “Max” for the maximum amount of tokens.

10. Select “Approve”, then in your wallet allow your tokens to be used for providing liquidity. This transaction has network costs.

11. Select “Preview”.

12. Review the liquidity position details, then select “Add”.

13. In your wallet, confirm the transaction. This transaction has network costs.

14. To view the pending transaction select “View on Etherscan”. Otherwise, select “Close”.

15. A confirmation notification will appear once the transaction is complete.

16. Once completed, you can view and manage your liquidity position from the V2 Pool page.

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