How to migrate liquidity from Zebra v1 to v2

You can migrate liquidity pools from Zebra v1 to Zebra v2

Migrating from v1 to v2 will allow liquidity providers (LP) to concentrate their liquidity into a tighter price range.

When migrating liquidity, you are removing your liquidity and fees earned. The liquidity provided and fees collected are then migrated to the v2 pool that you create.

Zebra v2 does not support Fee-on-Transfer, Rebase, and Reflection tokens. When migrating v1 positions to v2, please confirm that Zebra v2 supports the token.

To migrate liquidity from v1 to v2:

1. Open the Zebra web app. Next, select the “Pools” to open the Pools page.

2. Select “More”.

3. Select “V1 liquidity”.

4. Find the position you want to migrate. Next, select “Manage”.

5. Select “Migrate”.

6. Select the fee tier of the pool you want to migrate to. Learn more about fee tiers here.

7. Set the Price Range in which to provide liquidity. You will be required to enter a specific range.

Note: Your price will round to the nearest tick. Learn more about price rounding here.

8. Review the liquidity position details. Next, select “Allow LP token migration”.

You will need to complete an approval transaction to approve the tokens that can be used by Zebra for this transaction.

9. Select “Migrate” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

10. A notification will appear once the liquidity migration is complete.

Once the migration is complete, you can view and manage your liquidity position from the Zebra V2 Pools Page.

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