How to collect fees from a liquidity pool on Zebra v2

Zebra v2 allows fees earned to be collected from the liquidity pool without removing liquidity.

To collect fees from a liquidity pool on Zebra v2:

  1. Open the Zebra. Next, select the “Pools” to open the Pools page.

  2. Select the position you want to collect fees from.

  3. Select “Collect fees”.

  4. Review details and then select “Collect”.

  5. In your wallet, confirm the transaction. This has network costs (A network cost is the fee paid to the miners of the network you are using for your cryptocurrency transaction. This fee is also known as a gas fee.)

  6. To view the pending transaction select “View on Etherscan”. Otherwise, select “Close”.

  7. A notification will appear once the transaction is complete.

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