About Zebra

Zebra is not just an animal.

Zebra is a fully permissionless and composable decentralized exchange built on Scroll. It is committed to providing users with a one-stop liquidity service that is cheaper, easier to use, and more secure.

Fully Permissionless

Zebra is a permissionless protocol, allowing users to freely trade target assets or provide liquidity to earn rewards without losing custody of their funds.

Efficient and Low Fees

Built on Scroll, Zebra has lower gas costs and better scalability than networks like Bitcoin and BSC, thanks to its support for zero-knowledge technology. This enables Zebra to offer users more competitive products.


Zebra focuses on the convenience of integration in product development, adhering to the concept of liquidity-as-a-service. In the future, Zebra will provide developers with more API services, making it easy for developers to access Zebra's liquidity and build their own products and services.

Of course, it doesn't stop there. We will explore more user-friendly and diverse We will explore more user-friendly and various liquidity services (including but not limited to order books and cross-chain assets)!

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